Radio Free Maine

17th Annual Socialist Scholars Conference:
The Freedom to Work and Think, the Freedom to Love and Aspire

April 9-11, 1999 New York City
Sponsored by the CUNY Democratic Socialists of America, New Jersey Independent Alliance/Coalition, The Nation, Monthly Review

Audio and video tape recordings

Panel 1

Chair Bogdan Denitch Democratic Socialists of America
Noam Chomsky MIT
Barbara Ehrenreich Democratic Socialists of America
Staughton Lynd Labor Activist
Hilary Waiwright Red Pepper
Michael Eric Dyson Columbia University
Daniel Singer The Nation

Opening Plenary Session: The Freedom to Work and Think, the Freedom to Love and Aspire

*Two audio tapes for $20.00*

Panel 2

Daniel Singer Author, Whose Millenium?
Barbara Ehrenreich Honorary Co-chair DSA

Whose Millenium?

Panel 26

Chairs: Paul Washington African American Commission, DSA
Solveig Wilder African American Commission, DSA
Manning Marable Columbia University
Maulana Karenga California State University, Long Beach
Rashida Ismaili Abu-Bakr W.E.B. Du Bois Foundation
Tony Monteiro Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Brenda Stokely AFSCME

Free But Everywhere in Chains - The Color Line at the 21st Century

*Two audio tapes for $20.00*

Panel 30

Chair Ian Williams The Nation
Joe Conason New York Observer
Doug Henwood Left Business Observer
Angela Ards The Nation

After Clinton?

Panel 53

Chair Nadja Tesich Serbian Novelist & Playwright
John Ranz Survivors of Buchenwald, USA
Barry Lituchy Kingsborough Community College, CUNY
Greg Ilyich Independent Journalist
Steve Cooper New Jersey Independents

The Truth About Kosovo and NATO Expansion

Panel 72

Bianca Jagger Human Rights Activist
Steven Bright Southern Center for Human Rights
Kevin Doyle Capital Defender Office

Back on Death Row: A Reassessment of Capital Punishment in America