20th Anniversary of Project Censored 4/24/96 The Ten Best Censored Stories of 1995

1996 Hugh Hefner First Amendment Awards 4/24/96 Sponsored by the Playboy Foundation

Reviewed by Nancy Allen, Co-Chair of the Maine Green Party,
Democratic Organizer and Organic Farmer from Surry, Maine

Question: What does a dog pissing on a tall building have to do with the Telecommunications Bill?

Answer: Jim Hightower, keynote speaker for the Project Censored "Ten Most Censored Stories of 1995"

Jim Hightower, former Texas politician turned media politician, had a radio show reaching 150 ABC markets that was a little bit liberal � actually he talked about the widening gap between rich and poor. Then, Disney bought ABC. Two days later, thanks to Al Gore, Congress passed the Telecommunications Bill. The day after it passed, the national media took a powder and neglected to mention it for awhile. Hightower made a joke about "working for a rodent" and in six weeks he was gone.

Now...what are we going to do about this liberal media monopoly? Huh?????

But Hightower, according to the RADIO FREE MAINE tape, is fighting back (he�s starting a newsletter) and thinks we should too. He says "No building is too tall for even a small dog to lift his leg on."

The telecommunications (Terminator?) Bill, that windfall for the secret corporate/military government that Dwight Eisnehower warned us about, is the best censored of 1995. It would virtually eliminate all regulation of the United States communication industry. (Source: Consumer Project on Technology (Internet Newslett) 7/14/95 by Ralph Nader et al.) Cable should be able to compete with satellites, right? Not according to the moguls who wrote the bill. Watch out for the digital dump on you.

The nine other winners are: Balancing the budget on the backs of the poor, Child labor is worse today, Privatization of the Internet, U.S. plans to spend billions on nukes, Gingrich�s radical plan to gut FDA, Russia injects earth with nuke waste, Medical fraud costs nation billions annually, Chemical industry fights for ozone killing pesticide, NAFTA�s Broken Promises.

This RADIO FREE MAINE tape, and its sister tape "Hugh Heftner�s First Amendment Awards," give a new meaning to censorship. It is clear we are witnessing a media emergency where big money, often pretending NATIONAL SECURITY, is deciding what is talked about. Yet, of the top 100 economies, 50 are corporations, and many have a gross product greater than the U.S. Where�s the NATIONAL SECURITY in that?

Hefner�s first amendment awards went to a U.S. Forest Service employee who proved that the real reason loggers were losing jobs was that there were no more trees, not the spotted owl, an African-American defender of Huck Finn, a determined reporter who tried to get to the bottom of FBI dirty tricks in Berkeley during the �60�s; A Video store owner; a grandmother defender of rock and rap; Morton Mintz � the heroic first amendment protector; and on and on.

These tapes are not entertainment � unless you enjoy watching a takeover of your country on TV � but they are a most necessary viewing for every American who believes in the great hope of making a difference.

Is there an Eisnehower/Hightower satellite out there? Beam me up. I�ve got some great RADIO FREE MAINE tapes and I�m ready for to work.

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